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Our Fee Schedule 



Please spend minutes to read our website. We GUARANTEE that you cannot find such services from other professional services websites. WE PROMISE.  

Before you consider what professional firms you will engage to proceed company setup and open a bank account, it is better you know what would be the possible consequences that once you open an offshore bank account outside your country. 


What is an  OECD ?   Answer:  OECD  is the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, the purpose of which is to promote policies that will improve the economic and social well-being of people around the world. OECD  has developed The Standard for Automatic Exchange of Financial Account Information, which represents the international consensus on automatic exchange of financial account information for tax purposes on a reciprocal basis. Over 60 jurisdictions have committed to implementing the Standard and all financial centres have been called to match those commitments as of July 2014.

You can see the attached file (OECD list under the Order form heading), Exchange of information of countries list. You can see that STARTING FROM 2017 almost all countries over the world have implemented this policy. The effect is that if you open an offshore bank account in other country, your bank detailed information at the opened bank will be sent first to local tax authority, then local tax authority will send your bank detailed information back to your own tax authority. The result is that your own tax authority will take tax investigation against your personal tax affairs if you have not reported your offshore income to your tax authority or even you have done so you also need to explain to tax authority why you use offshore company to open offshore bank account to engage your local business and because of this you must keep detailed business records to proof everything for couple of years, on average ten years, and are ready to explain everything, and at final you may be forced to pay very high tax penalty or even be subject to prosecution because of possible tax evasion grounds.


You find a right professional firm.

If you check from professional websites, you can see that they are ONLY providing formation of offshore companies and opening of offshore banks. They keep silence as to what possible effect you will have, as stated above. We are the only one professional firm which will explain everything to you before you proceed offshore setup and open an offshore bank and if you are very concerned as to the consequences of OECD, we are the only one professional firm which can provide solutions to YOU. If you need to know how to tackle the solutions, please email to us for details.


 IBC Formation Package Fees

Anguilla   US$900
Belize   US$800   
BVI   US$950
Cayman Island   US$2,200
Delaware   US$800 
Hong Kong (Private Company Limited)  US$1,000 
Marshall Island  US$900
Mauritius Type II   US$1,500
Nevis   US$950
New Zealand   US$800
Panama   US$1,100
Samoa   US$1,100 
Seychelles   US$800
UK  US$800
UAE/RAK US$2,800


which include all government fees as well as our service fees, and do include I) Certificate of incorporation II) Business registration certificate (for HK companies) III) Original formation documents IV) Statutory minutes V) Share certificates and VI) Free Courier to your country.


 Now, we are also including to you the following: 
1) Appointment of corporate secretary (local agency) for a year
2) Providing registered office address for a year
3) Providing public phone line for a year
4) Providing public fax line for a year and c) Receiving Mail and Mail forwarding for a year



Subsequent Renewal Fees
We charge only US$800 including:
1) Preparing for annual returns and file to the Companies Registry
2) Collecting the business registration certificate (for HK company Only)

Now, we are also including to you the following:
1) Appointment of corporate secretary (local agency) for a year
2) Providing registered office address for a year

3) Providing public phone line for a year

4) Providing public fax line for a year and

5) Receiving Mail and Mail forwarding for a year









Nominee Services
We provide (Corporate) nominee shareholder and director services:

The fee for nominee director (including Prepare for a Power of Attorney documents) and 

The fee for nominee shareholder  (Including Prepare for Declaration of Trust documents) is only US$500 as setup fee, annual fee is only US$300. 


Note: We can also provide personal shareholder and personal director nominee services. The fee is US$800 as set up fee, annual fee is only US$300.




Below are the BANKS NETWORKS we classify as Six types (which we are working with - GUARANTEE OPEN OR 100% REFUND):



 1) Offshore bank by remote process

YOU WANT OFFSHORE BANKS ? The following offshore international bankers in which we are working with (which we can proceed by remote):

in Anguilla,  in Andorra,  in Antigue,  in Belize,  in B.V.I,  in Caymen Islands,  in Cook Islands
in Lebanon,  in Mauritius,  in Nevis,  in Pamana,  in Seychelles,  in St Lucia,     in St. Vincent
and in Vanuatu


2) Banks in Hong Kong by visit (Special request by remote)

We CAN make such arrangements FOR BANKS IN HONG KONG BELOW:

HSBC (Hong Kong),OCBC Wing Hang Bank,
Hang Seng Bank, Public Bank
CitiBank (Hong Kong), China Citic Bank
Dah Sing Bank, Nan Yang Bank
DBS Bank, 
ICICI Bank (Indian Bank) and
Bank of China


 What if I want a bank account in Hong Kong but I cannot visit Hong Kong ?

We have some aging companies having active bank accounts in Hong Kong at HSBC and Hang Seng Banks. We can arrange the company transferred to you together with the bank account. We can do it by remote. If you need more information, please e-mail to us for details.
We also work with special banks in Hong Kong that we can open bank accounts in Hong Kong by remote upon special request.   If you want to get more information, just contact us for details.  

3) Singapore banks by visit or (special requsest by remote)


Package fee for Hong Kong or offshore company + Banks in Singapore

  4)  European banks by remote or (special request by remote)

We can make such arrangements clients CAN get opened in the follow European banks

 Austria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Public, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Hungary, Latvia, Liechtenstein

Luxemburg, Monaco and Portugal


5) Switzerland banks by remote


6) UAE banks by remote or visit



In 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011 and 2012, we are rewarded as the best partner with HSBC and Heng Seng Bank. 


Briefly said, Why choosing our Company ?

We are an international basis CPA firm in Hong Kong, and have experience in offshore field (including offshore incorporation, offshore bank accounts process, as well as international tax issues) over decade. In 2012, Hong Kong Government has enacted Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorist Financing (Financial Institutions) Ordinance which restricts to open a bank account in Hong Kong by distance and THE MOST IMPORTANTLY makes it difficult to open a bank account in Hong Kong. Many clients from other countries come to Hong Kong and go to the banks, and many of them GET REJECTED (If 10 clients go to the bank, 9 clients will get rejected). There are in fact a couple of reasons. The main reason is that they chose the professional firms with the cheapest fees, they thought that they got certified copies of formation documents from professional firms, when they submitted to the banks, the banks will open for them. In fact, it is not true. The bank in fact no need certified copies of formation documents as they can direct get search from Hong Kong government database. The true process is that when clients go to the bank, the bank manager will go database check, and then go Question and Answer process (called Q & A) to clients (which take at least one hour). This is the Q & A process which will determine the success or failure of opening a bank account for clients in Hong Kong. It is why the fee is cheap. It is why many clients get rejected. They failed to follow Q & A process. The Q & As are the key questions which mainly come from Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorist Financing (Financial Institutions) Ordinance. It is why many professional firms cannot open Bank for clients. They have no legal training. They cannot advise them to handle Q & A process. It is why clients get failed to the bank, and come to us.

With us, after the formation done, we will arrange clients to our company FIRST to have a Q & A training, which are 99% similar to the banks Q & A process which are required by Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorist Financing (Financial Institutions) Ordinance. After OUR Q & A, client will go to the bank and process BANK Q & A, then they can get the bank accounts easily and very soon. Some clients even get the bank accounts within hours, and some within days.


See LATE 2014 AND 2015 Comments from our client. Through our arrangement, our client can get the bank account number, token and pin within the same day.


On Wed, Oct 15, 2014 at 4:42 PM, DesXXXXond SeiXXXXight <> wrote:


Thank you for your great assistance with setting up the company. Jennifer was also a great help and I will be establishing others companies with your service.

I am also pleased with HSBC as the account.

I look forward to your reply 

GXXXXge CXXnt LXe Limited


Client from Canada

ShXX coXX <>

Hello Stephen,
HSBC + Shanghai are approved.  I am just waiting for the token.

Thank you,


Client got bank account, token and pin and even debit card immediately

On Thu, Oct 16, 2014 at 5:46 PM, G H <> wrote:Dear Abby,Everything went fine in the bank. They gave the account no. and security device already.They said I have to make a deposit after the activation. Activation will require some time though and I won't be here. When you get info that the account is acrivated, please make a check and deposit in the account. I left the business card of the lady of HSBC for your follow up.
The a/c number is: 641 02XXXX838. Thanks. Best regards,


Mon, Oct 20, 2014 at 3:58 PM
Dear Mr.Stephen.,Thank you for the courtesy & time extended to us during our visit to your office in HK., Further to the meeting we had with Ms.Kora Lee., Assistant Vice President., HSBC Business Centre., She said that our account will be processed in 7 working Days., Pls do extend your support by following it up the matter with Bank Representatives on behalf of us and get the account opening formalities completed at the earliest., Thanking You.,
Warm Regards.,Ranjith K Kumar


MaXXXh Meri <>Thu, Oct 23, 2014 at 4:37 PM

dear lai open the account i got the masage from hsbc

my account has opened Manish Mer

From: PriXXcy ManXXXXXent - MerXXXes <>
Date: Mon, Dec 8, 2014 at 2:11 PM
Subject: AW: Account Opening Appointment Confirmation- from Yuki Ng
To: abby lai <>

Dear Abby,  Thank you for the good service!

Mit freXXXXXXXXXichen GrXXXsen/Kind Regards i.A. MeXXXXes SXXXXz


From: SXXXXgio A. MXXXXter <>
Date: Wed, Dec 17, 2014 at 1:16 AM
Subject: Re: TXXXXA trading limited
To: abby lai <>

Dear Abby,I want to thank you for your wonderful attention.

We open our HSBC bank account with your help.



Date: 12/19/14 From:     Mr. DXXiel ZbXXXen

Dear Mr. Lai, SolutXXXXXcs, Ltd.

 Once again thank you for your valuable guidance in securing a bank account of our choice. We will send you a referral later when times permit.  Yours sincerely,




Dear Mr Stephen, Good morning to you! [9:01:52] WiXXXon  Tan: FYI, I have already received account number and internet device from HSBC Hong Kong

Skype talk. From: "chirag.s" <>


Date: 30-Dec-2014 3:52 pm
Subject: Fwd: Signed NDA & ICA from UXXXXorn CoXXication
To: "chiXXX chaXXXrjee" <>

Clients got two companies done the same day and the bank accounts immediately. R'XXXl ComXXXations Limited & UnXXXrn CoXXXXations Limited


Nagendran Annamalai <>



Dear Mr. Stephen ,Thanks for you and Ms Jennifer for  incorporating our company and also assisting in opening of the Bank account in HSBC . We have been attended by Mr.Arthur Chan and  all documentation process is  completed . They have  given the Debit card, the PIN , The Internet account and the  electronic key .   Now  the bank has to  activate the account after the  verification process and other checks . 

Thank you once again , We will be in your office by  noon time to collect the stamp and other doc . With Regards 



Dear Mr Lai It was pleasure working with Mr. Lai and his associates.
I got my company created, bank account approved and debit card issues.
All in a days time. Highly recommended, will come back for sure.

Cheers, PrXXeek DwXXedi Kaching Media Limited



Reference Letter - RiXXXXma WeXXs Limited

It was very pleasant to cooperate with Mr. Lai and his associates. We received a very good recommendation and instructions how to open the bank account. Thanks to his recommendations we managed to open the bank account and do all formalities in one day.  Best regards,

OXXh UrbXXwycz   RiXXa WXXls Limited



Dear Mr Lai FYI Comment from clients

It was pleasure working with Mr.Lai and his associates . I am happy that I got my bank account done with in no time following Mr.lai’s expert advice with submission of supporting documents got debit and internet banking also at same time . I have no words to thank mr.lai and his associates …THANK YOU VERY MUCH

Cheers, MXXXesh PaXXl

EvXXXn ReXXXXXing and Trading LTD.


5 Feb 2015


Dear Mr Lai

FYI We are pleased with the services rendered by Mr. Stephen Lai regarding the formation of our company. We recommend their services to any one who is interested in opening a company in Hong Kong.




Sent: ‎Wednesday‎, ‎4‎ ‎February‎ ‎2015 ‎10‎:‎26
To: RXXb PaXXer


Dear Mr PXXker,

Thanks again for choosing HSBC to open business account. Please be advised that business account has just been approved. Meanwhile, we shall send the business internet banking pin/security device/ATM PIN to your company correspondence address in Hong Kong by mail after 7 working days from the date of approval. Upon receipt of the business account number. please deposit an initial deposit of at least HKD10,000.-  to activate the account and register business internet banking within 1 week. Thank you very much.
Wendy S C TSANG Assistant Vice President, Business Banking Centre | The Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited Shop 110-120, Emperor Group Centre, 288 Hennessy Road
Wanchai, Hong Kong


19.3.2015 AnXXd ReXXam <>


Thank you Jennifer. I think the meeting with the bank went okay. It is being reviewed now. Bank officer gave me an account number, security device and debit card straight away that day.


Dear Abby,
Good day to you. Today i got username and password from banker. Thank you so much. I appreciate your work and dedication. 
VXXXata RXXdy ChXXakala
24 Aug 2015
Hi Stephenmlai,
Hope you are doing well.
We are happy to inform that we successfully open HSBC bank account in Hong Kong with the Corporation VOXXP WXXD TECHNOLOGY LIMITED.
I hope you receive my bank accessories like device and pin etc. If you receive all the bank kit please send me my residence(INDIA) address. If you didn't receive right now may be you get soon because in that bank we given your address to receiver all the information. Once you receive all the information please share with me I will pay all the charges. 
If you have any queries Please contact on me email or mobile 
Mobile : +91-8XXX846799  or +91-868XXX2075
4 Sept 2015
"m.satyaXXXrayana raju"
Voip WXXXd TechXXXogy Limited
Dear Jennifer,
We are happy to inform that we received HSBC Debit card and pin also. But we didn't receive any Device as of now. If you receive of any my account information please share with me.
We send back debit card Acknowledgment the relation bank address. 
Thank you,
M.SatXXayana Raju
15 Oct 2015
Hello Mr. Stephen Lai,
I hope you are doing well....
This is KXXXal Shah of VXXX GlXXal Ventures Limited - a company formed + registered on 30th April, 2015 in Hong Kong & having your office address as its registered address. Please note that with your reference & assistance I also have a business direct bank account in my company's name with HSBC Bank, Hong Kong.  
Thank you.
Best regards,
VXXX GlXXXal Ventures Limited
Mobile #: +91-998XXX5622
Skype: excXXXXlge
20 Oct 2015
10:05 AM (1 minute ago)
Hi Stephen, Jennifer,
HSBC account successfully opened. Thanks for all your help, much appreciated, you guys are the best!

Notarisation and Apostilliation
We can arrange our Notary Public, an international lawyer,  to issue a full set of formation documents certified and signed and apostilled by High Court of Hong Kong for international acceptable purposes with a fee of only US$500.

Working visa
Our experts will help our client to apply for working visa.  We will consider your resume information such as qualifications and working experience before we confirm whether we apply for you or not. Our successful rate is 100%. Once you get working visa, you, and your family members, will have temporary Hong Kong identity card, and can live in Hong Kong for one year, and can work in Hong Kong too. After one year, it can be extended in Hong Kong on 2-2-3 years basis.

During the application process, we will arrange a proposal for you after studying your resume information, and make application forms for you including ID 990A and ID990B, answer the enquiries made from Immigration Departments, and fill up relevant forms, reference letters, business plans, employment contracts, etc if requested.

Normally, it takes only 3-4 weeks to get working visa.

The fees do depend upon how difficulty of each applicant. But our successful rate is 100%.

The service fee is US$1,600 + reimbursements.











Please ask the quote for Special Licenses
Special License(S) in HK for

- Public Company License (Shares can be issued to the public)

- Money Change and Remittance Business License

- Money Lending Business License

- Charity License

- Company with Trading History(s)



Offshore License for

- Insurance License 

- International Assets Protection and Management License 

- Money Transmission Services License 

- Payment Processing Services License 

- Trading in Foreign Exchange License 

- Trading  in Financial and Commodity-based Derivative Instruments and Other securities License 

- Money Brokering License 

- Money Lending and Pawning License

- Money Exchange License 
- Safe Custody Services License 
- Non-resident or International Trusts License 

- Online Gaming License


Chinese License for

- WFOE (Wholly Foreign Own Enterprise)

- Representative Office in China  

Please ask the quote for Special Services
- Business Residency Tax Certificate Application
- Phone line and Fax line & Conference room letting services
- Mailing address and mail forwarding services
- Payroll services and employment contracts
- Tax registrations (Individual, Company, or property letting or other types)
- Branch registration in Hong Kong or additional branch registration in Hong Kong
- Additional business activities license in Hong Kong which will create additional bank account either in Hong Kong or outside Hong Kong
- Bank account application or Additional bank account application
- Merchant account application
- Letter of Credit bank account application
- Investment bank account application


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